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I’ve also been meaning to blog about my incredibly positive experience with Apple Care

July 31, 2009

(I already boasted about this on Facebook, too–fb seems to be my new blog…)

Often when people learn that I have a Mac, they begin some kind of rant for or against Macs.* I don’t really care. I got a Mac b/c I planned on using it for type/graphics, and I’d spoken to designer friends who had pursuasive reasons for why they preferred to use a Mac… I figured I’d give it a try… and I have liked my Macs, but I don’t play the “my-computer-is-better-than-your-computer” game.

However, Mac recently took such good care of me that I can’t help but at least love Apple Care.

Remember this tragedy?

Well, come to find out, the sad story of my computer has a happy ending. Well, first it gets sadder. But then it gets happy. Hang on, you’ll see.

About a month ago my computer’s screen went completely black. Truth be told, I’d known for months that my computer had a faulty graphics card because sometimes the screen would glitch to a funky pixelated screen… I researched the issue, and found that some of my make of MacBook had bad graphics cards, but that Apple would replace them for free. I just never got around to getting it fixed–until the screen completely died, that is.

So it probably helps to have a cousin who is a Mac Genius… He told me to bring it in. It tested positive for the particular graphics issue… I asked if they had to send it in, if it might be possible to do something about the dented corner (the metal was pulled away around the cd slot). I more or less told them that I’d dropped it–and I knew this meant that it could possibly void any future issues it might have. They worried that it might be considered a caused-by-the-consumer condition, and that it might not be worth it to me if I had to pay to have it fixed (but they would take care of the display issue), but they called ahead to give the fixer-people the heads up that the problems weren’t related. The fixer-people (I’m sure there’s a better word for fixer-people) said no worries, they’d take care of it…

A week and a half later when my computer came back to me, I didn’t even recognize it. They had replaced

the optical super drive,

the keyboard,

the top case,

the battery,

the logic board,

the display housing,

and the bottom case.

Apparently the replaced everything and anything that had even minor issues, including the cosmetic blemishes that _I_ caused. And it cost me nothing, since I still have a year remaining on my Apple Care.

My cousin assures me that I got lucky. He says that since the computer did have the particular manufacture issue, they had typed in some code instructing the fixer-people (nope, still haven’t found the word I’m looking for) to replace the logic board, which apparently gave them clearance to just do a complete overhaul.

So… I don’t know how this compares to other people’s experiences with Mac customer service, but I am a happy camper.

*My brother’s co-worker recently shared the following hilarious story that relates to Mac/PC users. I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing it:

On election day last year…  I sat in my uber-liberal audio class, and had just pulled up my laptop and turned it on.  A classmate walked up to me and said “I see you voted for Obama.”  I had not yet voted, nor would I be voting for Obama, and I had no propaganda on my person that would lead him to this conclusion.  I asked him “where did that come from?”  He simply pointed to my mac.  Words cannot describe the anger i felt at that moment.

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  1. August 2, 2009 7:36 pm

    funny! that is AWESOME!! you are one lucky lady.
    I am glad we share the same philosophy about “PC” vs “MAC” users. One love. It’s all good. But, yes, I do have a Mac and I am a fan. I’m just sayin’… :)

    good work! way to go! go team!

  2. OhSusanna permalink
    August 15, 2009 9:53 am

    I am currently hating Windows even more than usual. Every computer in our house now is a Mac except for my laptop. Someday…

    btb, we just spent I won’t tell you how much to replace the glass on P’s iphone, so it wasn’t quite as nice an experience as yours. But it was his fault that it shattered, I guess. And the Mac genius who helped us was pleasant, if a little socially-er-odd.

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