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Links to Easter Egg Dyeing Ideas

June 14, 2009

I know, Easter is long gone. But I just found this draft…and since I already went to the trouble of digging some great links, I may as well share what I found

For what it’s worth–maybe the links will still work in a year :)

Easter Egg Inspiration:

Short Martha Stewart video

Video Podcast: Naturally dyed Easter eggs

Simple Recipes for natural egg dyes

Whiteley Creek Blog, Natural egg dyes

Yet another link on dying eggs with natural dyes

And another on natural dyes—this link has a nice color/recipe chart

Aki’s Kitchen egg-dying techniques, including the best demonstration I could find of using a nylon to secure leaves against an egg while the egg is dyed.

A whole bunch of great ideas on Martha Stewart’s website, including marbled eggs, botanical-masked eggs, eggs dyed with silk ties, decoupaged eggs, and more

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