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Update on the “I’m so miserable” post

September 9, 2008

I know we all know this, but be careful what you post about yourself online. The principal of my school stumbled onto my blog doing a “West Dean” search, and yesterday at breakfast he came to me saying he had no idea I was so miserable. (I’m good at putting on a smile)…

I explained to him that that was definitely the lowest point–that it’s just that I’ve found the writing of this thesis to be incredibly difficult, but that I’m hanging in there. I also told him that if he looks at the rest of the blog, it’s all good stuff about West Dean.

…I actually do love this place. But we all have our miserable days, right?

Naturally, I feel inclined to update:

Dear Bob, (haha) ;)

Things are looking slightly up. I still have an incredible amount of work to do in an very short amount of time, and I’m tired and my brain feels fuzzy, but it’s going to happen. I truly think and hope that the worst is behind me.

Just you watch. After a month of two away from this place, I’ll be wistfully missing: my classmates, roasting crumpets and story time in the Oak Hall (aka Gryffindor common room), strolls through the wonderful kitchen gardens, long walks in the arboretum and up the trundle, fieldtrips to fantastic libraries, dinners at Ingrid’s, raku firings, open workshop days, conservation projects (I did enjoy the practical element of the MA project–trouble is, that part went by so fast!) and yes… even David’s science lectures! (Call me a nerd, but I always thought his science lectures were great).

But I have a feeling I WON’T miss getting up at 4:30 am and working on the thesis until 11 pm…day after day…


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