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One Year ago (on July 21)

July 24, 2008

I spent the entire day (okay, it took me 2 days) reading a certain book: The seventh and last of a series about a lightening-scarred boy with magic skills. I believe it is safe to say that on that day, I was participating in the largest simultaneous book club–probably in the history of the world.

And yes, I did wait in line until midnight to get my copy. And yes, I did get caught up in the magic of it all. But no, I didn’t dress up. But some of the costumes were so creative, I almost wished I had.

I can tell my kids I remember when.

: )

Side note: I remember seeing a nice reproduction of the above Harry Potter illustration drawn by Rowling once when I was buying the deluxe editions on eBay–I think it’s the front page of the first book of the American deluxe version (I was purchasing the UK deluxe ones)…but alas, Google has not been much help and I’ve spent more time than I should have looking for a decent reproduction…Rowling’s actually done quite a few fun illustrations “just for [herself].” It turns out they’re quite elusive, now that I’m looking for them online.

Here are the ones I could find: taken mostly from a 60 Minutes interview (TV stills) and her own website:

(Also on this day 100 years ago, Ford’s model T was introduced…and on this day in 1847–had to look it up–so, 161 years ago, the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley)

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