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Best Blog Ever–I’m SO blessed to have found it

July 17, 2008

Okay okay, I know that everyone is linking to it and the word is spreading like wildfire, but Seriously, so blessed! has been a great source of entertainment for me the past couple weeks since my sister first shared it with me.

You kinda have to be LDS and/or have spent time in Utah or around young Utah brides/stay-at-home moms to fully appreciate this blog… It’s a nearly perfect parody of a particular LDS stereotype that any member of the church is well familiar with. We all know the Molly Mormon stereotype, but we don’t necessarily identify with Molly. I think one reason seriously, so blessed has already gotten so much attention is because it’s tapping into (but exaggerating just enough) a very common LDS stereotype in TAMN (Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole) that we instantly recognize, but that hasn’t previously been placed into a caricature quite like this. While they do exist, true Molly Mormons are actually a rare breed, but we all know loads of TAMNs, and it’s fun to laugh at ourselves (or in my case, others–since I’m nothing like TAMN!) ; )

I think most of the blog’s appreciators wish they’d come up with this idea first!

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