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The Mustached Man, or, Pavlova and Banoffee Pie Revisited

June 14, 2008

We haven’t had pavlova or banoffee pie (or any amazing desserts, for that matter) in several weeks. It’s just been day after day of reallly heavy-looking date nut puddings or custard-y glunk. So… I haven’t even been tempted by many desserts lately. (The occasional crumble is still pretty good, I’ll concede).

But now I know why the dessert selection took such a sudden turn for the not-so-amazing. According to Ingrid (who knows the ins and outs of the kitchen so well, she instantly recognizes if any food-serving pattern has been broken. For example, if bacon was not served on a Wednesday morning as is typical, she would notice right away). Anyway, she told me that it’s when “the mustached man” comes that we have the amazing desserts. Apparently he’s this amazing chef who makes a great living with his own catering business, but comes to West Dean occasionally for a laugh… and apparently dessert is his speciality.

I miss the mustached man. Rest assured I’m keeping my eye out for his return!

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