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School Trip to Dublin–Library Visits 3: Trinity College Library

June 11, 2008

I don’t think I need to say much more than I went to Trinity College Library:. Suffice it to say it lives up to its reputation. Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed in the library or exhibitions, so the first few photos are gleaned from the Internet:

After spending time in smaller stall libraries like Duke Humphrey’s Library (Bodleian Library at Oxford) and Marsh’s Library, this place is HUGE. I heard someone at Trinity call the long hall The Cathedral to Books. This hall has two stories of books…most of the oldest books are stored here.

Down below, two volumes of the Book of Kells ware exhibited (one opened to St John’s Carpet page, the other to text in St. Matthew). The Book of Armagh (I served a good chunk of my mission in Co. Armagh/ Co. Down) and the Book of Howth were also on exhibition. They were all fantastic and definitely worth the free ticket the good folks at Trinity gave us for to see the exhibition. :D

Alrighty. The rest of the photographs are mine:

Most old books recycled used manuscripts for flyleaves/pastedowns, which I just think is fun.

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