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Khadi Papers

May 9, 2008

Also yesterday, Sayaka and I went with Jo to find Khadi Papers, which is a fantastic paper store/warehouse in the middle of the countryside, just a few minutes drive from West Dean. The back-roads (Wojtek our local resident had given us instructions) were closed (turns out the whole village we were trying to get to was closed–for some kind of landscaping project?), but that was cool because Jo was pointing out landmarks to me as we drove this way and that, and I found one of the paths I had been exploring the other day–figured out how it joins up with a road. Anyway. We found it, and the papers are beautiful. If I think going off sugar is hard–just put me in a paper store when I’m living out of a suitcase and on a budget. I did buy a £3 grab bag and a £3 packet of assorted colored papers, which are good prices, even by my American exchange-rate standards. These papers are all deckle-made, which gives the uncut ones four beautiful edges.

The pack came with 2 of each color, and they’re the perfect size to fold and make a card…they also had envelopes…but I let that go–for now. I can always go back!

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